Monday 20 May 2019
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Two Common Foot Infections Handled By Podiatrists

Two Common Foot Infections Handled By Podiatrists

There are quite a lot of infections when it comes to feet, and podiatrists are the best people to ask for help if you happen to pick up a foot infection. One of the most common infections out there are the athlete’s foot, and the fungal nail infection.

Athlete’s foot

Even if the name refers to that only the fact that it is an infection experienced by athletes, while it is true that they are the most common people to have this infection, it does not mean that non-athletes cannot get this infection.

The main reason why it is present at athletes is because it manifests itself because of “poor” hygiene of the feet, which can also mean that you are just sweating too much while you are wearing your shoes and not washing them too often, which will allow the fungus to develop a colony and slowly infect the area between your toes.

It is an easily identified infection, as it has quite a unique smell, and it will make the skin between your feet harden and fall off as the infection evolves. The infection can evolve to the point where the first layer of skin is completely destroyed, which will make the person with this infection experience some pain while walking, and it can also cause bleeding as well.

The infection is more common between athletes in sports where bare feet are involved, such as karate, judo, or any other martial arts, however, it is common in places where a lot of people share a locker room while barefoot as well.

You can find quite a lot of information about this infection at professional podiatrist Sydney CBD like ModPod Podiatry, or you can check out your local podiatry office and consult with a professional as well, which is highly advised if you happen to have this problem.

The solution is fairly simple, as the podiatrist will usually take a swab of the fungus and examine it under a microscope to confirm which type of fungus they are dealing with. After that, you will receive a cream that should be used for a couple of days, and your athlete’s foot infection shall vanish with ease.

Infections are easily handled when correct tools are used

Fungal nail infection

 The infection known as the fungal nail infection starts its development as an innocent looking white or yellow spot at the very tip of the fingernail. However, as the infection spreads, it will quickly turn the whole nail yellow, while also making it harder and harder, until it eventually crumbles and destroys itself.

In some cases, it is not necessary to treat this condition as it will go away after some time, however, you should probably get fungal nail infection treatment according to ModPod Podiatry as well as other professionals, as it is always best to avoid the risk of a serious infection.

New technologies allow an easy removal of fungal infections

Final Word

There are plenty of other infections that the podiatrists deal with, and while the two infections that were mentioned are not that life threatening, they are quite common, and they can both cause a lot of discomfort and sometimes even pain. Some infections that podiatrists deal with are life threatening, and they require some really serious treatment procedures such as surgeries, and in some cases amputation.