Monday 20 May 2019
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Research Shows That Owning A Dog Is Very Good For Your Health

Research Shows That Owning A Dog Is Very Good For Your Health

Dogs are much more than just cuddly companions, as they can offer real health benefits to their owners. Some of those benefits will be listed below, but before you decide to get a dog, you also need to consider all the responsibility and bills that come along with our furry little friend.

The medical expenses are not that big, however, they are definitely necessary, as puppies need vaccines, and so do grown dogs (less frequently). You can get effective puppy vaccinations at Gordon Vet Hospital or talk to your local reputable vet hospital and ask them about the vaccinations and all other necessities.

Vaccinations are necessary for puppies!

Lower stress levels

Due to our dog’s incredibly high energy, friendliness, and unconditional love, they will surely lower your stress. They are always there for you, and they would do anything for their human, and that can help lower stress in both adults and humans.

In addition, dogs are known to help with depression, especially because they are overly positive and they offer a routine. With a fun routine, one might even forget about their personal problems, and allow their furry pet to take care of the rest.

Fewer allergies

Contrary to what most believe, having a dog when you also have a newborn is not a bad thing. The amount of ‘dirt’ that gets transferred to your baby will allow her/him to get a much stronger immune system, which automatically means that they will be less likely to get sick or even develop many allergies.

Great for your heart

Dogs are also great for your heart, as the lower your blood and cholesterol levels. In addition, dog owners are less likely to have a lazy lifestyle, as you are bound to take your dog for a walk or just go outside and play, throw a ball.

Everyone knows that a simple 30 minute walk a day will benefit your heart, and overall health a lot. In one study, it was shown that older dog owners usually take about more than 2760 steps a day than an average elderly person, which means that they walk an additional 23 minutes a day.

While people tend to retreat to their homes during the winter, dog owners are more likely to go outside and stay active. This is very important, because of the cold and other dangers, as you will keep your body ready for anything!

Helping you deal with loss

Cats and dogs are both great at helping their owners deal with loss, as they know just how to cheer us up and make us feel better. Dogs offer unconditional love, and they will do whatever it takes to make their human happy.

Dogs can help you grieve

Take care of your pets!

No matter which pet you have, you need to take proper care of them. You could either visit a well-known vet hospital such as expert North Turramurra vet like Gordon Vet Hospital, or you could do your own research and check out some local hospitals.

Final word

Physical activity is very important for everyone, and dogs can help make you more active. They make great companions for children, and they will definitely make you feel less lonely. Besides the obvious health benefits, they offer us, unconditional love. Take proper care of your pets, treat them as a family, as they do the same for you.