Wednesday 19 June 2019
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How Addiction Affects Your Life & Relationships?

How Addiction Affects Your Life & Relationships?

Addiction has the power to take control of your life and destroy all aspects of your personal and professional life. And this includes your relationships with your family, friends, and colleagues. What happens is that the substance plays the primary role in the pleasure-center of your brain. This can cause all other areas of your life, including relationships, to be sidelined.

Many singers have created songs about addiction, speaking about its impact on relationships and overall life.

Emotional Impact

When someone is addicted to a substance, they no longer take care of their relationships with people. They start having secrets related to how they obtained the substance. All their thoughts and actions will be focused on the substance. This makes them uncomfortable, irritable and criticizing of others.

Impact on Intimacy

Intimacy is an important part of spousal relationship. The impact of substance abuse on this aspect has a deep influence on your relationship with your partner. Substance use degrades your libido and performance and increases depression and mood swings. All this affects the trust level and intimacy with your partner.

Substance Abuse & Violence

Domestic violence is another ugly aspect of substance abuse. It can increase anger and resentment in the relationship and lead to violence. Many substances are capable of causing aggressive behavior, resulting in uncontrolled rage. It can result in wild and volatile behavior with different members of the family. The effects can especially be traumatic with spouse and children.

If you are having an addiction problem or someone close to you has it, there is always hope of recovery. An effective treatment and rehabilitation program can bring you back to who you really are and make positive changes to your life. Treatment can help in eliminating the effects of the substance and bring back your self-respect and positive outlook on life.