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Genital Herpes Pain Relief and Natural Remedies

Genital Herpes Pain Relief and Natural Remedies

Genital herpes pain relief is usually present especially when blisters start forming and during the first episodes. Surprisingly there are not many medicines or products which focus on herpes pain. Most of them concentrate more on killing the virus than easing the pain. But I know a few products or techniques that can bring a much-needed pain relief at the right time. None of them work for a 100% people so you may have to try a few remedies before you find sufficient relief. But you will. I’ll also mention common natural genital herpes treatments that may bring genital herpes relief and remedy at the same time. If you feel pain in your nerves or muscles in between herpes infection episodes, that means that you suffer from post herpetic neuralgia. It is not the main purpose of this page. But I will add a page about relief for genital herpes pain between infections. Because there are exciting things happening in that domain.

Essential Oils

The best way to use essential oils is to create your own blend according to your symptoms and your situation. Many essential oils are herpes antiviral agents. I’ve created one essential oil ointment that could either stop or cure herpes outbreaks very quickly (less than 3 days) and relieve the pain and debilitating itching that come with herpes infections.

Lemon balm essential oil

Effect on herpes has been studied and demonstrated in Germany. It can prevent further herpes outbreaks, limit genital herpes outbreak severity and duration maybe even become a herpes cure in the future when properly combined with other powerful remedies. Many people with herpes also consider tea tree oil to be very helpful. I can confirm that from personal experience. I feel that Tea tree oil becomes at least 3 times more efficient when combined with another essential oil I know of. You should use essential oils for genital herpes pain relief. It is simple and it works. A good and reliable source of essential oils is Mountain Rose Herbs.

If you want to get rid of herpes pain, the best way to achieve that is to to prevent herpes outbreaks. By following simple guidelines you can make your herpes symptoms much milder and never experience genital herpes pain again. I haven’t had any herpes outbreaks nor experienced herpes pain in 3 years. My outbreaks used to be quite painful. I used to have a very large blister than caused me horrible pain before bursting. This is just a bad memory now. I’ve achieved this by using the information in this video. If you want to get rid of herpes pain, I strongly suggest you read it.

Genital Herpes Pain Relief: Silica Gel

Organic silica is the most potent genital herpes pain relief product I know. I just love silica gel. I find it so pleasant and so soothing. It does wonders to me especially if you use it very often and keep chilly in your fridge. I could rave about organic silica gel for hours. Not only does it make your skin stronger and heal faster but it also relieves genital herpes pain and itching. Organic silica properties are not very well known in the United States. That’s why it is still hard to find a good quality silica gel. The easiest to find are worthless. But I’ve found one that is very interesting, especially if you don’t mind ordering from Europe.

Keep the jar of silica gel in the fridge for greater Genital herpes pain relief. You’ll have a wonderful cooling, soothing and healing gel that can relieve genital herpes pain on contact. You may use it as often as needed. There is a type of gel that can soothe and treat herpes at the same time. It’s really wonderful. It hasn’t stopped every herpes outbreaks but it is so soothing, it really makes the genital herpes outbreak experience much easier and more pleasant. Sorry if I’m raving about this but it has really saved some of my worst days. It is the best Genital herpes pain relief remedy I have ever found. If it is too late to prevent herpes blisters you can use organic silica gel on your sores to help heal faster. The product I use can heal a cut in 24/ 48 hours and a sore in about two to three days. It doesn’t smell anything so unlike with essential oils you can use it without anyone noticing.

If you want to buy the real product I’m using please give me your information and I’ll tell you when it is available for sale in the US and where to purchase it in Europe. Use my organic silica info request form. I believe this is the best genital herpes pain relief product you can find on the worldwide market. I’ve placed a page where US residents can buy this herpes pain relief product. I’ll put up a full website shortly with exact delivery prices for each country.

The closest thing to the silica product I use marketed in the US is Biosil. You can purchase it and find more information at Jarrow Formulas Biosil.

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Genital Herpes Pain Relief: MSM gel
MSM gel is a little bit like organic silica gel. It can be used to relieve herpes pain and itching and to speed the healing or genital herpes sores and prevent the appearance of scars. You want to look for the purest possible MSM gel. Many MSM gels are not made to be applied on sores or minor cuts. Many are joint pain relief or anti-wrinkle gels mixed with other products. So make sure you have the right gel. MSM is the cousin of DMSO. Genital herpes and DMSO is an entirely other subject. It has been suggested as a treatment and a potential cure for herpes. But DMSO isn’t soothing at all and MSM is much safer than DMSO. MSM is also a much better genital herpes pain relief solution.

A good MSM gel is TriMedica MSM Lotion with Sulfur. It contains 15% of MSM, rosemary, saponaria, camomile and other herbal extracts. Saponaria or soap wort has anti-itching properties, camomile has soothing, anti-herpetic and wound-healing properties and rosemary is a very powerful antioxidant. Form more information on Home Remedies and Techniques for Genital Herpes Pain Relief